Golden Cane A, PT

Golden Cane A, PT

SPC Wall Panels Golden Cane A offer unique floral patterns that will add delicacy and freshness to your interior. It's the perfect solution if you're seeking a quick metamorphosis that will bring a true renaissance of nature to your space.

Additionally, these SPC wall panels allow for creative compositions as you can combine them with other color-matched panels, such as Golden Cane B R162, creating a cohesive and harmonious decor.

Collection: Organic Dimensions: 2800 x 1230 mm Structure: PT (Peetah) Thickness: 4mm

Product characteristics:

  • Soft touch
  • Easy install
  • Impact resistant
  • Decor match
  • For trimming

Forget about worries related to moisture because our panels are waterproof, making them a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture-prone areas. Additionally, their flame resistance guarantees you peace of mind and safety.

Discover their unparalleled durability, resistance to scratches and impacts, ensuring they maintain a beautiful appearance for many years. Stains and harmful UV rays have no effect on them, ensuring your interior will always radiate freshness.


No design continuation between boards.


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  • Golden Cane R161 R162

    Additionally, SPC wall panels are dimensionally stable, so you can be confident that they will maintain their perfect shape and appearance for many years.

    Transform your interior into a rustic garden full of floral motifs with our exceptional waterproof SPC wall panels. Let yourself be captivated by the inspiring nature that will embrace your spaces with harmony and beauty.



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